Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Backstage of Emy

For a long time I wanted to create a sculpture using different materials: in addition to polymer clay, use fabrics for clothing, leather accessories.
The opportunity presented itself when Mark Boyles,  Art director of Buzz Design agency, asked me to model a character as testimonial of a website for one of his client.
In fact, the input of the agency was to create the character in CGI (computer graphics) because these are 12 illustrations with the subject being shot in different poses, it seemed  to be the best choice.
But when I brought the images of the film Paranorman Chris Butler I convinced the customer that mixing sculpture with 3D could be a better way.
So now I had the opportunity to face my challenge, with the support of the customer.
Once the desiged of the character was approved "a sexy girl in overalls", I had to build the model so  I could shoot her in various postures: so I made some unknots of the major joints which allow me to easily move the model.
Completed structure, I modeled with polymer clay Emy, this is now her name, creating long legs and waist to give it greater sensuality.
Now that the base is ready tailoring comes into the game, this part is held in trust to my wife,a skilled seamstress, to be undertaken in the clothes and accessories, this work is very delicate because the model is small and clothes will be critical to the ultimate success.
While she realizes the patterns of the t-shirt and suit, I focus on the modeling of  its face, in the meantime I decided not to model its hands, in order not to complicate the work, creating them in post production.
In three days of work Emy is perfectly dressed, we are so happy with the result that decide to proceed with the construction of leather shoes and accessories.
Meanwhile in the studio I started to model 3D objects with Emy will have to interact.
Emy is finished, I am going to give color only to her hair leaving her face cleaned, I will make use of Photoshop for the makeup.
During the photo shoot's sessions I'll shoot Emy poses as storyboards and putting on top photos with the rendering of objects.
The processing proceeds now in digital shots of Emy are post-produced in Photoshop,like different facial expressions and hand painted with a graphics tablet.
The Work is finished and delivered.There is a great satisfaction, we were able to combine several professions, craft and technology mixed together to achieved and experiement new things and overcome new limits.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Backstage Erik

This is not intended to be a tutorial it is just a simple explanation of how I made this sculpture, I hope in the future to be able to make a real tutorial in order to explain in detail how I make scale models of my sculptures starting from zero.

I will be willing to answer all your questions so please do not hesitate asking me.

I started modeling Erik using Super Sculpey ( it is a very  unique polymer clay) from the head, as I normally do.
As for his body I drew in pencil his outline and then I highlighted with a drawing pen the skeleton that I subsequently have modeled with a wire interwoven with forceps, in order to have a greater rigidity.

This sculpture is 40 cm height, so it is important that the skeleton be sturdy so it won’t wobble, and also it will
avoid possible breakage when the clay is being baked.

Below you can see the pictures of the procedure that I have describe before, I hope this will help you to have a better understanding of it.

Once I have completed the iron structure I have screwed it to a wooden base, but I didn’t use the clay, I used the aluminum foiled instead in order to give it volume.

Once  I  reached  the ideal mass  I began to model  the body by inserting the head that I had previously modeled to put  the finishing touches  to  Erik : a pair  of shoes, a scarf, buttons  a hat and a suitcase

Note: ( on)  the bottom left you can see the design of the  sketch of the skeleton .

Erik the greatest flea’s tamer in the world.

This year I held a drawing course, "Drawing to communicate" aimed at children from   8 to 12 years.
From this experience a beautiful tale was born and the boys helped me to illustrate it, the image  became a manifest of an art show that takes place every year  at  San Giorgio di Piano ( Bologne, Italy)
Il verde Piano” The co-star of the story is Erik, an evil flea’s tamer.

I think he is the right character for this show so I started to make him from his face, the body and the other final touches came as a part of my imagination.

Erik the greatest flea’s tamer in the world.